Social entrepreneurs, change-makers and do-gooders need good design. Good design means branding and websites that ‘get’ your social impact and how to show it off to the world.

This month, together with Lara at The Grazing Elk graphic design firm, we launched the Social Good Outpost. As a social entrepreneur and change-maker myself, I wanted to contribute specialised knowledge to design.

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The Social Good Outpost aims to be the go-to designer for social good in Australia.

Lara and I were inspired to create a division that worked with social enterprises and change-makers after seeing first hand the impact of design on social projects. This was catalysed when I worked with IMPACT Social Enterprise in 2013/2014, an organisation and conference that takes 120-180 of Australia’s best and brightest youth to explore social enterprise.

At IMPACT, prior to anything else existing apart from an idea, we had a brand. We had a logo and a website. We had neat, sharp, professional and edgy pitching material and design which meant that when we began talking to the first members of our team, and the first sponsors and interested parties, it looked like we were already “something”. And that something was something good.

Design by The Grazing Elk took us from having an *awesome idea* to running a successful three day conference on social enterprise for 120 young professionals in just 9 months. How can good design do this? It gave us credibility and it gave people a reason to believe that not only was our idea great, but that we were capable.

This is what we want to do for those working to better our world but need that crucial element of good design. We will be helping those who are within the ‘social good’ sphere, whether that be social enterprise, groups who may be applying for community funding, charities or any other folk who would like mentoring, design and help making their idea sustainable. From helping organisations apply for grants and funding, to designing pitch presentations, and from websites that translate your impact, to on-going mentoring and support, this is where social impact design begins.

Extensive experience in the field, combined with Lara’s expert design and creativity, has resulted in the Social Good Outpost. Whether you know someone starting a project, or have your own enterprise that you want to take to the next level, tailored design that understands your impact starts here.

Doing good? Let’s do even better.

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Looking forward to Doing Good with you -Elise (left) and Lara (right)