You wouldn’t believe it but a few months after my friends and colleagues I met in Taiwan came up with the idea of running a conference on social enterprise, we’ve opened the first applications for the event. It has been many long hours in front of my computer screen designing and redesigning marketing materials, creating the website, creating videos, and generally doing work which I would never have thought I could actually do, so it is pretty exciting. For those of you who missed it, this is what it’s all about:

Our team comprises of a group of uni students, social enterprise aficionados, business-minded folk, idealistic change-the-world types and some who are a mixture of the lot. We are bound by a desire to have positive impact on our community, and by a passion for social enterprise. We are based in Brisbane, and hail from Griffith University, the University of Queensland (UQ), and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Our aims are threefold:

1. To inspire Brisbane’s youth to have positive impact on their communities

2. To educate them about social enterprise as a means for addressing social issues

3. To empower them with the skills and pathways required to have meaningful and lasting social impact.

We aim to attract future leaders from both the social and business sectors, to explore the opportunities that occur when both spheres overlap. We will achieve all this through an agenda packed full of inspirational speakers, interactive workshops, networking opportunities and social events.

Shall I take you through a pictorial journey?

capture 1

This is the homepage. Looks pretty nice right? You should take a look at it.

elliot simon

And then we managed to secure these absolutely incredible speakers, Elliot Costello, the CEO of YGAP (Y Generation Against Poverty) and Simon Griffiths, who is the CEO of Who Gives a Crap and an Young Australian of the Year Award Finalist. I’m pretty excited to meet them myself, as they seem to be incredibly inspirational and unique people.

I whipped up this small promo video.

poster 3

This is one of the posters I created, aimed at ‘socially conscious youth’.

Flyer Business

And flyers aimed at business students.

Do you think you’d be interested in helping us in any way? The whole premise is pretty unique. We are all students and youths. We are making this for students and youths. And we want the most inspiring, creative and savvy people involved. Over the next couple of months, if you fit into one of these categories, I’d really like to hear from you. We want to link with…

– Students – Young Professionals – Social Entrepreneurs – People involved in Sustainable Business – Professionals who want to get involved in the best of Brisbane’s youth – Business people who want to get involved in the brightest of Brisbane’s youth – Businesses and Corporate Sponsors who want to support ventures like ours – Anyone who wants to know more –

It’s with people like you, that ventures like this can happen. Show your support?