I feel like the winds of fortune have been blowing my way a lot recently! Earlier this week I was contacted by Griffith Asia Institute with an invitation to attend the Emerging Leaders’ Dialogue in Beijing, China, in October. As an Asian Studies scholar, myself and a number of other Griffith Students (including Elise Giles, Georgia Sands, Caitlin Usher, Brittany Laidlaw and Ethan Bowering, that I know of) have been selected to attend and forge links between Griffith University and Peking University, with the backing of the Queensland Government. The event is two days long and will include a number of talks and workshops and I am incredibly excited to get out there and see Beijing (having missed it the last time I was in China). Fostering relations and leadership will be very important… It’s time to work on my Mandarin skills again!

Well, I certainly feel pretty blessed. I still don’t know where I’ll end up once I finish my degree, but I am 100% sure that opportunities like this and going to Taiwan and my study tour at the end of the year will set me up well and truly.

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