Photo Adventures in China from 2010

In preparation for heading back to mainland China next month, and Taiwan tomorrow morning, I thought I’d post up some photos from last time I was there. In 2010 I traveled to Zhejiang province of China (near Shanghai) to study at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. Two good friends came with me (including Georgia, who I will meet up with again in Beijing at the Emerging Leaders Dialogue) and although it was only for one month, I really enjoyed it and by the end was feeling pretty comfortable in myself. There was an amazing little tea house very close to our uni, and my friend Clair and I would go and spend hours (up to 6 hours sometimes) just sitting in one of the window seats, eating from the fruit and nut and hot food supplies (never-ending) and sipping pu-erh tea. It was very relaxing. We also spent time in Shanghai and Huangshan, the Yellow Mountains (which you can see in the photos below). I am excited to go back and see if I am resistant to food poisoning this time (I spent 3/4 of the time sick last time I was there) and get a better look around up north!

4 3 2 1 xx _MG_8009 _MG_7995 _MG_7977 _MG_7976 _MG_7972 _MG_7967 _MG_7956 _MG_7943 _MG_7935 copy _MG_7678 _MG_7753 _MG_7780 _MG_7840 _MG_7773 _MG_7420 _MG_6855 _MG_6836 _MG_7013 _MG_7286 _MG_7280


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