New position: Research Assistant

I’ve been lucky enough to get a position as a Research Assistant for Deputy Head of School (Learning and Teaching) and associate of the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies (Griffith) , Dr Halim Rane, researching Islam and the media. After taking the course 2611HUM Islam, Media and Conflict last year, I became fascinated with Islam and how it relates to and is perceived as in our world (or at least the Western part of our world). I’m really excited as I will have the opportunity to work on topics such as moving on from 9/11 (what is situation now?) and Islamophobia (a fear of Islam and Muslims). It will complement my studies well and also give me a great opportunity to learn more before I go on the Muslim World Study Tour in December this year – what I think will be a whirlwind one-month study exchange in Malaysia, Spain, Turkey and Morocco. I’ll keep you updated with how the research goes, if you are interested in knowing more though, feel free to contact me or check out the website for the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies, Griffith University.


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