The Grazing Elk

What is your brand? What does it mean to you? And what does it say about you?

If you are looking for thoughtful, creative graphic, website and logo design, you really need to look for the best. I’ve been working with the Creative Director for The Grazing Elk for the past few years on a number of projects and am constantly surprised and pleased by the results of our collaboration. Lara is an enigma. Her design style and approach to her work is with the utmost commitment to all things organic, meaningful and beautiful. She has worked on projects involving large companies to small start-up endeavours and everything in between – including graciously providing pro bono design work for the Griffith Business School Student Leadership Project in Laos and the McIntyre Centre Riding for Disabled Thrift shop in Indooroopilly.

Lara-StephensonRecently Lara has expanded to take on a number of undergraduate and graduate interns, for tasks involving coding to web and graphic design. As graphic design is such a difficult area to break into and gain experience from, the opportunities she has provided her interns is very important. And, of course, the interns themselves are valued greatly and add to the diversity and originality of The Grazing Elk.

If you are interested in contacting Lara for a chat, a consultation or a quote on services, she loves to talk!

Contact Here.


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