Community Development Project Laos 2013

18 Apr

13 Griffith Business School students have been chosen to complete a community internship in Laos in June. The students are working hard to fund raise for the trip, with chocolate drives and sausage sizzles – culminating in the Trivia Extravaganza night on May 1.

By Elise Stephenson – studying a Bachelor of Asian & International Studies/Bachelor of Communications, Nathan Campus.

trivia 2 copy

13 students were chosen from the Student Leadership Program, and primarily we will be volunteering in Sop Jak village, in the Pak Xeng region (near Luang Prabang). The purpose of interning in this community is to conduct needs analysis – to see what the community has and what it needs – for a group of Griffith nursing students who will visit later this year. We will also be helping to build an artesian water well and will be living and working with the villagers and local students.

Currently Sop Jak High School and Sop Jak Medical Clinic share a 3,000 litre water tank intermittently supplied by a distant mountain spring and rainfall which is unreliable. For at least half of the year, during the dry season, there is no water supply to the school and clinic. Even during the rainy season the tank struggles to service all 900 people with a supply of water. With a rapidly growing population health concerns are rising, as there is not enough clean water for cooking, bathing, washing, drinking and using the toilet. Instead students and villagers carry water from the Seuang River when the water tank is empty. This makes our project of constructing an artesian water well pivotal to this community.

Students of GBS Student Leadership Program, 13 of whom will be flying to Laos in June.

Griffith Business School’s Student Leaders – 13 of whom will be flying to Laos in June.

As part of the project, we will also be taking over stationery supplies, caps, shaving equipment and sports supplies. We are also fundraising money to take over in order to buy the equipment needed to build the water well and the rest of the project.

We would love it if you can help out some way – either by donating some stationery or sports items, or even donating money.

We will be running regular chocolate fundraising stalls at Nathan Campus, plus a sausage sizzle at Woollongabba Officeworks on the weekend of May 11-12, and finally our Trivia Extravaganza, to be held at the Beach House Bar & Grill, at Garden City on May 1.


The Mekong River in the Pak Xeng region, near Luang Prabang in Laos – close to where our Griffith students will be volunteering in June!

The trivia event is sure to be a massive success and we would love to have you there! Tickets are $15, which gives you entry to the event, entry into an awesome costume prize (the theme is “Around the World”), your donation to our Laos project, one free drink and free nibblies all night. Bring along some friends, as trivia teams will consist of 4-6 people, with the winning team receiving some great prizes! We’ll be starting at 7pm, so if you are interested in coming along, visit Community Development Project – Laos 2013 on Facebook to buy tickets. It will be a great night and will allow you to help out in a really important project that you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to do.

Our team that will be taking part in this project are from a range of backgrounds – both international and domestic students. This volunteering project is a chance for us as the Griffith community to have an impact on other communities around the world. If you would like to help out in some way, please feel free to contact us at the Community Development Project – Laos 2013 on Facebook or send an email to

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